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ANPRO boasts an excellent team specializing in automation control system integration. Over the years, we have adhered to our core values of "Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, and Efficiency," aiming for sustainable business growth. ANPRO Automation Co., Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading system integration providers in the domestic automation control engineering sector.

With our deep expertise in automation control systems and PLC programming modifications, coupled with our strong reputation in the industry, we have successfully operated and grown our business to this day.


ANPRO Enterprise possesses profound expertise in automation control, offering comprehensive professional services including PLC programming, automation facility system integration, customized automation engineering, HMI design, central plant monitoring system planning, and SCADA system planning. We are committed to delivering efficient, stable, and reliable automation solutions to various industries.


Central Monitoring Systems Planning

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SIMATIC PLC Controllers

Siemens offers a range of controllers to meet various automation requirements. The SIMATIC series controllers include basic, advanced, distributed, and software controllers, providing impressive scalability and integration capabilities.

The engineering planning within the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal offers the best automation solutions for each application, ensuring comprehensive integration and efficiency.

SIMATIC ET 200 I/O Module

SIMATIC ET 200 is a distributed automation system known for its multifunctionality, modularity, and scalability. It is suitable for solutions where no controller is present in the control cabinet or where the control cabinet is directly mounted on the machine, as well as for applications in hazardous areas.

All products can be integrated into automation systems via PROFIBUS or PROFINET connections, ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility.

Human-Machine Interface

Machine operations and factory production both require visual monitoring and control equipment. While finding the right equipment for specific applications isn't difficult, the real challenge lies in identifying a solution that offers both system flexibility and enhanced data transparency.

SIMATIC HMI Panels are suitable for various industrial machinery and factory line applications. The WinCC TIA Portal software supports both basic and advanced HMI configuration and editing.

SCADA Monitoring System

In modern factories, data volumes are constantly growing, presenting challenges for the SCADA solutions you employ. Managing and archiving massive amounts of data over the long term is crucial, and the need to adapt to changing performance requirements is ever-increasing.

With SIMATIC SCADA systems, Siemens helps you prepare for the future. Whether it's production automation or infrastructure applications, SIMATIC SCADA systems enable higher efficiency and productivity.

Industrial PC (IPC)

Siemens continually offers innovative and long-lasting industrial computers, allowing you to execute increasingly complex tasks with low risk and minimal effort.

Our product range includes compact, maintenance-free embedded IPCs, high-end IPCs, and versatile industrial PCs that meet any requirement, all reliable and durable.

Siemens also develops and manufactures motherboards to meet the growing demands of the industry. Through various hardware and software solutions, the system's availability can be expanded, making SIMATIC IPC a more industrialized PC solution.

Automation Software

Comprehensive Integration Automation Platform (TIA Portal)" is a system that provides complete access to the entire digital automation process, from digital planning and integration engineering to transparent operations. The new version helps you shorten time to market with simulation tools and enhances factory productivity with additional diagnostic and energy management features.

Whether you are a system integrator, machine builder, or factory operator, you can benefit from the new selection options. TIA Portal is the perfect gateway to digital enterprise automation.



ANPRO Automation
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