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Central Monitoring Systems Planning


ANPRO has extensive experience and achievements in the planning of Facility Monitoring and Control Systems (FMCS).

In large factories or tech plants, real-time monitoring of various independent equipment and systems is crucial. This includes systems such as facility air conditioning, gas dust collection, power backup, and water treatment.

ANPRO understands that any problem in one link, if not detected in time, will lead to incalculable losses. Our FMCS not only offers the advantage of real-time monitoring but also enables long-term analysis and management. From the selection and wiring of monitoring instruments to the programming of PLC automation control systems, and from HMI interface design to graphical control, ANPRO can provide comprehensive solutions for you.

Our system integrates remote monitoring of screens from various monitoring systems, as well as process data collection and storage, including functions such as report analysis, event alerts, and alarm systems. In ANPRO's FMCS planning, we are committed to precisely meeting customer needs, enabling managers to effectively organize, track data, analyze, and make decisions.

We believe that ANPRO's FMCS system can help businesses improve management efficiency and reduce control costs, making it the best choice for your plant management.

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