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Customized Automatic Engineering


As automation control design planners, ANPRO boasts extensive and profound experience in automation control engineering, earning a stellar reputation in the industry through word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Over the years, we have upheld a spirit of professionalism and dedication towards each project and every client. As the longest-standing distributor of Siemens in Taiwan, ANPRO possesses over 30 years of rich Siemens experience, fully understanding the essence of Siemens technology and harnessing its potential to provide clients with the highest quality solutions.

We understand your needs for PLC control system equipment and are passionate and professional in providing a variety of customized automation control engineering services. Whether it's in the semiconductor wafer, semiconductor packaging, biotechnology, water treatment, power, gas, chemical supply, or mechanical and electrical systems sectors, we can meet your requirements.

In addition to offering comprehensive automation control system engineering planning services, we are committed to providing you with safe, stable, and reliable control system engineering services. Commonly sought-after control engineering projects include PLC logic control, facility water system, plant-wide management alarm systems, industrial exhaust systems, and environmental control, among others. We offer 100% customized automation control engineering, enabling you to easily embrace the automation trend of the times.

Choosing ANPRO means opting for hassle-free, worry-free services, making you feel that nothing is impossible! We look forward to joining hands with you to create a brighter future together!

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