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Integrated Automation Facility Systems


ANPRO is committed to integrating automation facility systems in line with high-tech operational standards, transforming various environmental and facility equipment into a unified automation control system.

This integration not only facilitates production process management for facility personnel but also ensures monitoring efficiency, availability, and safety. With our professional expertise and rich experience, we cater to various specific requirements, such as constant temperature, humidity, pressure, and energy-saving considerations.

The ANPRO team boasts extensive experience in automated control system design. We customize planning for cleanroom environmental conditions, air conditioning systems, waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment, equipment vibration levels, and personnel safety measures to create the most suitable automation facility system for you. In sectors like semiconductor wafer fabrication, semiconductor packaging, biotechnology, water treatment, power, gas, chemical supply, and mechanical and electrical systems, ANPRO has rich experience in integrating automated control facility systems.

Through PLC programming, we integrate various automation equipment and production line manufacturing systems, and through the HMI human-machine interface, we manage and display them uniformly, achieving smooth, safe, and convenient workflow processes.

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