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SCADA monitoring system planning


ANPRO specializes in the integration of SCADA monitoring systems, iFIX graphics, InTouch, and other industrial control and monitoring systems, backed by extensive experience in the field.

We are committed to addressing the needs of our clients by offering modifications to SCADA systems, iFIX graphics, InTouch, and other industrial automation control and monitoring systems. Over the years, we have deeply immersed ourselves in the field of PLC automation control integration and monitoring systems.

Our SCADA systems comprise centralized data collection systems, HMI interfaces, and data transmission systems. These systems centralize and link data from equipment and machinery across different areas of the factory, displaying device monitoring and control programs via HMI interfaces.

ANPRO customizes solutions to optimize production parameters and operational settings. We focus on centralized monitoring and analysis of equipment and machinery faults in factories, identifying optimal solutions to reduce energy costs and improve production efficiency.

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